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January 29, 2010


Susan Maricle

Old habits die hard! Whenever I review a Word document on my computer, I do a search and replace, searching for two spaces and replacing them with one space. Never fails to turn up a handful of instances.

Susan Maricle


Some of us learned to type on a *real* typewriter. Remember "rat, cat, tat?" I broke the habit after word processing came into use, but I still know a good number of people who still double-space after a period.


I'm afraid I was taught double spaces as part of my touch-typing, so they happen whether I want them or not!!

Of course, HTML will roundly ignore any excess spaces you put in :)

Deborah Vajda

Yes, I immediately noticed that scripts use two spaces! It must be a holdover from typewriter days. When you look at the typeface formatting on scripts, it looks monospaced. It will be interesting to install Final Draft and find out if that's the case. Do you have Final Draft? Being the IT person you are, maybe you can look at the html and let me know what you find out.

Jeanne Estridge

Great explanation! I've been trying to break the double-space habit, but it's pretty ingrained. That will be a final draft requirement, though.

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